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Strategic directions of development of hard wastes management sphere in the region

Author(s) Samoylik M.S., , ,
Category Economics
year 2014 issue Issue #84
pages 271-280 index UDK 330.15:504.06
Abstract The problem of achieving sustainable development in the region expands the sphere of human impact on the environment and intensifies the use of natural resource base, which inevitably brings the problem of rational use of secondary resources to the fore. Today hard wastes (HW) management sphere in the region does not have systemic features, most likely it is a set of related but non-effective elements. Exactly under these conditions the task of transformation of “a set of elements” into a system becomes important through the development of HW management system, covering all aspects of solid waste management: social, economic, technological, environmental and legal and their optimization. It is necessary to work out the optimization model of solid waste management aimed at balancing of the two mutually contradictory criteria: economic damage for environmental pollution and total expenses for the functioning of HW handling sphere. The model will create the basis for determination of strategic development directions in the given sphere within realization of socio-economic and ecological strategy of regional development. Scientific works of home and foreign scientists and normatively-legal acts became the methodological base of research in the sphere of HW. On the basis of the worked out model the conducted optimization of ecological and economic criteria is for the existent system of handling hard wastes and alternative charts on the example of the Poltava region. Have also been determined development directions for handling hard waste in the context of realization of socio-economic and environmental strategies in Poltava region and recommendations regarding improvement in technical, financial and economic support.
Key words hard wastes, sphere of waste management, region, balanced development
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