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Production of biofuels and food security of country

Author(s) Mudrak R.P., Doctor of Economics, , Uman National University of Horticulture
Category Economics
year 2014 issue Issue #84
pages 236-243 index UDK 620.952:338.439.02(477)
Abstract Introduction. Oil is running out, so price increase is inevitable, which increases food prices. The immediate alternative to petroleum products is biofuels, production increase of which reduces food production, which increases food prices. The answer to the question about the possibility of using food raw materials for biofuels is an actual scientific problem. The purpose and objectives. The aim of the article is to check the assumption that food raw materials can’t be an alternative to oil for many reasons. Objective of the article – to investigate the production of biofuels from food raw materials by matching the arguments for and against the production of first generation biofuels. Research methods. The methodological basis of the research is a systematic approach to the study of economic, social, humanitarian, ecological and other aspects of food and energy security. During the research such methods as analysis and synthesis, historical, monographic, deduction, observation and comparison were used. Results. In order not to cause damage to national food security and increase energy independence, for sowing energy food crop plants should be allocated no more than 10% of agricultural land. Production of motor fuels from biomass agricultural plants – a forced, temporary measure. Perspective is the development of second-generation biofuels from lignin-cellulosic feedstock. Conclusions. Production of biofuels from food raw materials − forced temporary measure. It cannot be regarded as a complete alternative to refined products because: a) food biofuel raw materials cannot fully compensate for oil; b) increase of food biofuel raw materials usage will exacerbate the global food problem; c) the production of biofuels (biodiesel) − environmentally dangerous.
Key words food security, energy security, oil, biofuels, food raw materials, lignin-cellulosic feedstock
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