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Regional features of investment activity in agriculture

Author(s) Balyan A.V., Doctor of Economics, ,
Category Economics
year 2014 issue Issue #84
pages 207-213 index UDK 631.164.23
Abstract The state of agriculture investment of Ukraine and its regional features are investigated; considerable distinctions in the levels of capital insuring industry and their substantial impact on production indexes of agricultural business are identified. The necessity of rapprochement of agriculture provision levels in regions is founded by capital investments and their economic development. Owing to the strengthening of enterprises financial state in recent years, the investment climate in agriculture in most regions of Ukraine has been substantially improved. A significant difference in the levels of agricultural investment insuring of Ukrainian enterprises is first of all in the consequence of differences in levels of their economic development. Detailed analysis of factors that ensured the growth of the investment activity level in certain regions of Ukraine indicates a significant impact of enterprises financial state and possibilities of using their own resources for investment purposes. To determine the correlation between the investment insuring level of agricultural enterprises, gross production volumes and profits in the process of research regions, grouping in terms of their capital insuring was carried out. Generalization of modern trends, proportions and priorities in investing activities of Ukrainian regions agricultural sector reveals significant differences in the levels and structure of capital insuring investments and the existence of significant internal reserves increased investment in agricultural production, which substantially affects enterprises activity results of the industry.
Key words investment, capital insuring, investment activity, capital equipment, investment activity, investment attractiveness
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