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Ecological and economic aspects of sugar beet seed growing in Ukraine

Author(s) Doronin А.V., , ,
Category Economics
year 2014 issue Issue #84
pages 197-207 index UDK 338.43:633.63
Abstract It is shown the sugar beet seed growing ecological and economic aspects in Ukraine. Characteristic of seed cultivation zones by sprouting and non sprouted methods was done. In recent years sugar beet seed production state was analyzed, and given the problems that have arisen in the sphere that led to sugar beet seed production decline in Ukraine were given. Economic characteristics of seed production is given. It is proved that only on account of seeds yield increase from 1.5 t/ha to 2.5 t/ha, due to increase by 10.7% of expanses per one hectare – expanses reduce per unit of products to 33.6% or from 9310.35 to 6184.14 UAH/t. It is shown that even during the seed yield of 1.5 t/ha the profitability level will be 30%. The structure analysis of production costs on sugar beet harvested seed shows that by the increase of its yield, the cost share on fertilizers and labor costs increases, respectively decrease costs – on fuels and lubricating materials, seed, water, almost the same cost share on depreciation, maintenance, on pesticides, administrative and other expenses. The ways of efficiency improving of sugar beet seeds growing and ensuaring the seed production sustainable development under the conditions of increasing of economic competition were determined. It is noted that in Ukraine there are all necessary conditions and opportunities for Ukrainian seed recovering positions on the seed market, but their realization is not possible without government support.
Key words sugar beet seeds ecology, seed production costs, pricing policies, efficiency, seed production, competition
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