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The economic problems of development as a main reason of socio-demographic crisis in Ukraine

Author(s) Melnyk V.V., , , Uman National University of Horticulture
Category Economics
year 2014 issue Issue #84
pages 185-193 index UDK 321.01
Abstract The article deals with the problem of financial-economic crisis in Ukraine, one of the after-effects of which is the worsening of the national health service. The demographic factor will be of strategic importance for the future development of the country. The interests of the family and population should be given the highest priority. Considering the need to change the social and psychological climate, the priorities of modern national policy should be: - targeted state social policy to improve the demographic situation; - systematic and continuous sexual education of teenagers on the morals of national and Christian culture in the family, in educational and medical institutions; - setting up of a high family social status, the tutoring to population the demography knowledge and the forming of ideological and philosophical principles that correspond with the purposes and priorities of the national population policy. The introduction and execution of these and other methods of solving the population problem can change the present situation and give the effective enhancement to the future development of Ukraine’s population.
Key words crisis, demographic crisis, population, regions, economic development, poverty, birthrate, development, pension reform
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