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Key problems for export tendency among enterprises from the region of Płock

Author(s) Felic B., , ,
Krzętowska A., , ,
Grabowska M., , ,
Category Economics
year 2014 issue Issue #86
pages 136-147 index UDK 339.564.2
Abstract Export activities are a significant form of internal internationalization of the enterprise. In the sector of small and medium-sized enterprises the concentration of sales on the EU markets emerges which is also noticeable in the region of Mazovia as well as sub-region of Płock. There is also a strong interdependence between an entity’s size and its export tendency. Essentially, medium-sized enterprises prevail. The surveys conducted in enterprises in Płock revealed that primary incentives encouraging entrepreneurs in the specific region to seek for markets abroad included an urge to go beyond the position of a “regional company”. Prominence is also given to the need to search for recipients for a larger production capacity which thus suggests correlating growth potentials of the enterprise with international sales expansion. Favourable prices on international markets and satisfactory level of the exchange rate largely driving the financial aspects of export transactions were also indicated as a key argument for launching exports.
Key words Internationalization, export, SMS sector, region of Płock
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