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Theoretical aspects of integration development in Agro-Industrial Complex

Author(s) Parubok N.V., , , Uman National University of Horticulture
Category Economics
year 2014 issue Issue #85
pages 228-234 index UDK 338.436:001.891.3
Abstract Development of integration processes in AIC ensures the creation of different agro-industrial formations which solve a number of important organizational, economic and social problems. The purpose of the article is to generalize scientific viewpoints of scholars-economists on the essence of integration, its types, forms and directions and substantiation of the consequences of integration processes in AIC. Monographic method and abstract-logical approach to researching the aspects of integration development in AIC were applied. Generalization of the existing points of view on the essence of the concept of integration in its economic nature made it possible to characterize it as a process of closer relations and further incorporation of entrepreneurial agents. The main theories which prove integration reasonability are the theories of synergy, agent relations and agent expenses, arrogance, internationalization and resource orientation. Horizontal, vertical and mixed kinds of integration were singled out. Organizational-economic forms of integration according to an integrated formation’s economic-legal status are considered to be the complete, contract, incorporated, cooperative, partner and public ones. The formation of efficient integrated units is possible under the condition of establishing priority integration principles, which in its turn is the basis for ensuring the efficient development of Agro-Industrial Complex.
Key words integration, integration processes, integrated structures, AIC
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