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Features of formation of enterprise development strategy of milk producers

Author(s) Gospodarenko S.G., , , Uman National University of Horticulture
Category Economics
year 2014 issue Issue #85
pages 173-180 index UDK 334.72:631.14:636.034
Abstract The attention is paid to the importance of a working out of a strategy of development of agricultural enterprises. That is why the resolution of this issue is relevant today. The different methods such as monographic, comparative and tabular were used in the course of studies. The main aim is to analyze the development of milk producing enterprises and the factors affecting their growth and competitiveness. The objects of study are the agrarian enterprises. The necessity of reorientation of enterprises to the intensive way of development is proved. Its main areas are: the use of high-producing breeds of cows,the balanced feeding, automation and mechanization of production processes, etc. It is also important to improve the livestock productivity. Solving these problems the enterprise will use the financial, material and human resources rationally. The main factors affecting the productivity are the genetic potential of the herd and the quality of breeding. The most common breeds of cows in Ukraine are Dark-spotted, Red Steppe and Simmental. In 2013 the amount of milk per capita was about 217 kg of milk, which is 37 kg less than in 2008. The increase in milk production on 0,4 million tonnes in 2013 compared with 2010 was due to the increased growth of production of cows, despite of the decrease in livestock herb. Today the area of the Ukrainian enterprises is unpredictable and unstable, that is why the problem of creating of an effective strategy is important.
Key words milk cattle, strategy, enterprise, intake structure, productivity of livestock
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