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The systemating essence of a dairy production investing

Author(s) Slatvynska L.A., , , Uman National University of Horticulture
Category Economics
year 2014 issue Issue #85
pages 156-163 index UDK 631.164.23
Abstract The significance of the research of a dairy production development is associated with the systemic level establishment that nowadays are due to the organic connection with the requirements of implementing of the principles of the sustainable development the formation of investment and innovation models of a branch development. The methodology of the research comes out of the general methodology which was done by our scientists during the learning process of the individual subcomplex units that is actualized its research to maintain the integrity system. The research results reflect the concept of the schematic diagram of the goventmentalcoor- dinative mechanisms that regulates a dairy production complex as well as the most characteristic patterns of its dynamics. Also it was found the priority system recognizing governmental campaign to create general prerequisites innovative investing sector and the most important components. But milk producers have not understood their willingness to the actively cooperate with the government and potential investors within the requirements of the national legislation and procedures adopted by the international organizations. The conclusions of this analyzing systematic investment dairy production complex are reduced to the fact: the most promising direction for the further research of this area is the establishment of the most appropriate forms of the interaction mechanisms in the area of the investment, innovation, standards and the information model are based on the investing and innovative development of the industrial branch.
Key words system, investment, dairy production, agro-industrial complex, innovation, standardization, information
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