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Economical and ecological aspects of the production of pellets

Author(s) Butylo I.A., Candidate of Economics, , Uman National University of Horticulture, Ukraine
Category Economics
year 2013 issue Issue number 83. Рart 2
pages 209-215 index UDK 662.6/9:662.663:662.63
Abstract The energy crisis has stimulated the search for alternative energy sources. In Ukraine, there is a heavy emphasis on the use of straw as a source of energy for space heating. However, the straw is of great importance in the regulation of mineral balance and organic substances in the soil in different agricultural companies, especially in the absence of livestock industry in them. Soil depletion exacerbates environmental problems that have already moved beyond agricultural production and become statewide. Therefore, in the cost of production should be taken into account the cost of replenishing the loss of organic matter and nutrients from the soil. The investigations established that the alienation of straw for the manufacture of fuel pallet is not economically justified. It leads to a reduction of organic matter and mineral nutrients in the soil, the potential and effective fertility (losses of about 3.5 thousand UAH / ha only in assessing the loss of humus and the main battery). To avoid this, all non-commodity products (straw, tops, etc.) should be used as a source of organic matter and recorded minerals and supplement it with other sources of organic fertilizers — manure, peat, sapropel, compost, green manure, and for production of fuel pallets it's necessary to look for other sources. It is advisable to make pallets of fast-growing trees — poplar, alder, willow, to expand their area by transforming lands, including reducing of the area of arable land. It is possible to restore the broken ratio between natural systems — areas of meadows, forests, water, crops, as well as stabilization of the ecological balance in agricultural landscapes, which will significantly reduce erosion and adverse effects of drought.
Key words straw, organic matter, batteries, soil depletion, cost, forestation, pallets.
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