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State regulation of dairy food subcomplex of agricultural production

Author(s) Holovchuk L. A., , , Uman National University of Horticulture, Ukraine
Category Economics
year 2013 issue Issue number 83. Рart 2
pages 203-209 index UDK 35.075.5: 338.432
Abstract The significance of the research of dairy food subcomplex is related to its role in food security ensuring. But there is the irregularity of the sectors of the subcomplex development, which complicates the choice of investment strategy because of the lack of valid concepts of the optimal distribution among them the amount of investment. Methods of the research are based on the general methodology, which was developed by national scientists in the process of the research of separate sectors of the subcomplex, which keeps current the research as a integrality (a system). The results of the research reflect the concept of state regulation of dairy food subcomplex, as well as the most typical patterns of its dynamics. It is defined that the state is actively looking for suitable schemes of its relations with all the sectors of the subcomplex, but at the level of dairy food producers there is no availability to interact with government and potential investors within the requirements of the national legislation and adopted by international organizations procedures. In conclusion of the conducted research of state regulation of dairy food subcomplex we’d like to mention that the most promising directions for further research in this area is the establishment of the most appropriate forms of interaction between all sectors of the subcomplex and with government on the basis of the requirements of its sustainable development and its transfer on the investment and innovation mode.
Key words state regulation, dairy food subcomplex, agricultural production
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