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Informatization as a condition for the effective functioning of the agricultural enterprises

Author(s) Ulyanych K.F., Candidate of Economics, , Uman National University of Horticulture, Ukraine
Category Economics
year 2013 issue Issue number 83. Рart 2
pages 248-253 index UDK 65.012.45
Abstract Modern agroindustrial enterprise, aimed at improving efficiency of operations, is unthinkable without optimal control based on the use of the newest computer techniques and information support. Integration of the agrarian sector of Ukraine in the world market requires adjusting relations with foreign information centers. Should be considered that the countries of the post-industrial, information development receive more benefits from the wide application of the new information technologies, which provide great opportunities to improve the performance of managerial work, sales of products and services, integration. Therefore, the information system should become an important element of the infrastructure of the agrarian market. For information transfer in the system of management of enterprises of agroindustrial complex, organization of communications is required. One of the most convenient, fast and reliable forms – is electronic mail. It is based on the global computer network, using modern information technology. They allow to deliver the necessary information from the sender to the recipient in a few minutes. The holder of the communication channels of the e-mail is the Internet - the world community networks. The latest technologies have significant advantage of the speed and quality of data transmission in comparison with traditional. However, their services are still quite expensive. The structure of the information-analytical system of the agrarian sector should be an important component of the information system. It should be based on informational cooperation of state bodies, business structures of information and advisory service and information-analytical services of appropriate enterprises and authorities. Such information cooperation should be based on the principles of the associated cooperation.
Key words informatization, information development, information support, information and consultation services.
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