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Development of agricultural production in Ukraine in the context of its investment problems.

Author(s) Mazur G.F., Candidate of Economics, , Uman National University of Horticulture, Ukraine
Category Economics
year 2013 issue Issue number 82. Part 2
pages 210-217 index UDK 330.342:631.16
Abstract An urgent topic for today is the investment in the development of agricultural production, which helps to solve a number of problems concerning the production of infrastructure, expanding food production, job creation for rural residents. A fairly large array of scientific developments has been recently devoted to the settlement of investment problems of agricultural production. But still not enough developed some aspects to stimulate investment in agricultural production, the disclosure of which is the purpose of this article. The objectives of the paper are to study some ways of improving state regulation of investment in agriculture production and outline ways to increase the attractiveness of the investment climate. Investing activity is one of vital factors of the whole agricultural policy, the effectiveness of which depends on the state of agricultural production, the level of technical equipment of factory-farm enterprises, the possibility of restructuring of agricultural economy, solving social and environmental problems in rural areas, because the investment is the foundation of agricultural production, and its individual sectors and agro-sphere in general. The restructuring of agricultural production and its adaptation to market conditions are impossible without substantial investments that serve as the focus in the introduction of modern technologies, improving the competitiveness of agricultural production in market conditions.
Key words : development of agricultural production, investment, state regulation and stimulation of investment activity.
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