Uman NUH | today: 05/20/2019

Kalievskiy М.V.

Uman National University of Horticulture, Ukraine

Academic Status
Candidate of Agricultural Sciences


#PDFTitle of ArticleJournal
1 Weediness of spring barley crops depending on the main cultivation under the conditions of Southern Forest-Steppe of Ukraine Issue number 90. Part 1, 2017
2 Productivity of agricultural cultures depending on placing in the shortly field crop rotations of Left-bank Forest-steppe Ukraine Issue number 90. Part 1, 2017
3 Soybean reaction to weed infestation of its crops on the background of fall tillage of varying intensity Issue number 94. Part 1, 2019
4 Influence of methods of the basic soil cultivation on crop weediness of the five-field crop rotation in the southern Forest-Steppe of Ukraine Issue № 92. Part 1, 2018