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Modern development of society, accompanied by the increase of the Earth’s population, climate changes, and depletion of natural resources, requires searching for new effective mechanisms for providing human life. In addition, supplying the world’s population with food in sufficient quantity and appropriate quality is first and foremost. It can be achieved by providing the intensive development of innovative technologies in agriculture. 

Ukraine is one of the leading countries and suppliers of agricultural products in the world food market. Therefore, the creation of favorable conditions, not only for production but also for scientific and technological developments in this industry, is extremely important. The rapid development of science and technology in the modern world requires the establishment of adequate mechanisms for generating ideas, as well as for distributing them among scholars and practitioners. This journal will serve as a platform for the exchange of scientific achievements in the field of agriculture for domestic and foreign scholars, enabling them not only to keep abreast of the latest achievements of agricultural science, but also to be actively involved in their discussion.

Currently, “Collected Works of Uman National University of Horticulture” is at the beginning of a long and productive journey, but we hope that it will become one of the leading publications and will be useful both to the scientific community and to agribusiness, in Ukraine and also abroad.

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Current Journal - Issue № 92. Part 1

1 titul
UDK: , pages , downloads (19)
2 Zmist
UDK: , pages , downloads (15)
3 Balabak A.F.
Pyzhyanova A.A.
Influence of the type of substrate on the regenerative capacity of the green stem cuttings Нighbush blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum L.)
UDK: 582.688.3: 631.535:634.1, pages 8-17, downloads (23)
4 Hudzenko V.M. Genetic determination of productive tiller number in diallel crosses of winter barley in the Forrest-Steppe of Ukraine
UDK: 633.16: 631.527.541.2:631.524.822.575, pages 17-28, downloads (12)
Formation of vegetative mass and dry substance of soya plants under the conditions of western forest-steppe depending on variety composition and sowing techniques
UDK: , pages , downloads (9)
6 Hospodarenko G.M.
Prokopchuk I.V.
Effect of liming on the content of mobile compounds of trace elements in chernozem podzolized
UDK: 631.81.095.337, pages 36-46, downloads (16)
7 Drozd O.O.
Melnyk O.V.
Melnyk I.O.
Chemical composition of apples cv. Reinette Simirenko, treated with ethylene inhibitor depending on the orchard design and harvest date
UDK: 54:664.85:634.11:631.811.98, pages 46-55, downloads (10)
8 Rarok A. V.
Poltoretska N.M.
Poltoretskiy S.P.
Yatsenko A.A.
Effectiveness of application of buckwheat crop desiccation under the conditions of the western Forest-Steppe
UDK: 633.12: 631.82, pages 55-64, downloads (14)
9 Lubych V.V. Quality features of bread made of different flour of wheat varieties and strains
UDK: 664.64.016+664.7:631.526.3:633.11, pages 64-76, downloads (15)
10 Polevoy V.M.
Derkach N. A.,
Kulyk S. M.
Efficiency of application of fertilizers and limestone ameliorants at growing of corn in the conditions of Western Polissia
UDK: 633.15:631.816:631.821.1, pages 76-82, downloads (10)
11 Doronin V. A.,
Morgun A.V.
Morgun I.A.
Vyshnevska L.V.
Intensity of male and female gametophytes formation in sugar beet plants under condition of regulated water supply
UDK: 582.661.15: 527.8, pages 82-91, downloads (9)
12 Ketskalo V.V.
Polishchuk T.V.
Species composition of diseases of leaf lettuce in conditions of closed soil during winter-spring cultivation
UDK: 635-1/-2:635.52:631.544.4-977, pages 91-99, downloads (13)
13 Koval G.V.
Kalievskiy М.V.
Eshchenko V.O.
Influence of methods of the basic soil cultivation on crop weediness of the five-field crop rotation in the southern Forest-Steppe of Ukraine
UDK: 631.51:632.51:631.582(477.46), pages 99-109, downloads (16)
14 Kostetska K.V.
Ulyanych I.F.
Chemical composition of corn, barley extrudate with fruit-and-vegetable ingredients
UDK: 54.021.001:636.085.55, pages 109-119, downloads (12)
15 Lubych V.V.
Vozyan V. V.
Technological properties of winter triticale grain depending on the norms of nitrogen fertilizers
UDK: 633.19: 631.559, pages 119-125, downloads (16)
16 Ketskalo V.V. Comparative assessment of yields of varieties and hybrids of beetroot in the conditions of the Right-bank Forest-Steppe of Ukraine
UDK: 635.11:631.55(477.46), pages 125-133, downloads (13)
17 Lybchenko I.O.
Ryabovol L.O.
Lyubchenko A.I.
Influence of the modified growing medium on microcloning of in vitro camelina plants
UDK: 581.151+581.165.7:633.85, pages 133-141, downloads (14)
18 Kyzhanjvskiy V.G.
Pinchkovskiy G.L.
The content of soil structural aggregates for the period of flowering peas, winter wheat and sugar beet for various basic treatment activities
UDK: 631.49.041:625.131.3, pages 141-149, downloads (11)
19 Martynyuk A.T.
Novak Y.W.
Comparative evaluation of pre forecrops and fertilizers on the yield formation of sugar beet
UDK: 633.16:631.8:633.63 , pages 149-159, downloads (12)
20 Leontiuk I.B.
Zabolotnyy O.I.
Holodryga O.V.
Rozborska L.V.
Efficiency of Derby herbicide application in winter wheat crops
UDK: 632.954:631.811.98:633.11, pages 159-168, downloads (11)
21 Novak Zh.M. Grain size unit of collection spring barley varieties samples of Uman National Horticultural University
UDK: 631.526.3:633.16(477), pages 168-177, downloads (8)
22 Study of the optimal terms of planting and plant feeding areas of domestic varieties of tobacco under cultivation in the central part of the forest-steppe of Ukraine
UDK: 631.5:633.71(477.46), pages 177-184, downloads (8)
23 Chynchyk O. S.
Vyshnevska L.V.
Kravchenko V. S.
Increase of the efficiency of the use of symbiotic nitrogen in the cultivation of perennial legume-grass mixtures on the slope
UDK: 633.2.031, pages 184-191, downloads (14)
24 Novak Y.W.
Martynyuk A.T.
Novak V.G.
Yield and quality of sugar beet root crops after a long-term use of mineral and organic-mineral fertilizer systems in a field crop rotation
UDK: 631.8:633.63, pages 191-198, downloads (12)
25 Velychko Y.A.
Polishchuk V.V.
Mykolayko V.P.
Phenological features of growth and development of introduced varieties Chaenomeles Lindl in the conditions of the Right-bank Forest-steppe of Ukraine
UDK: 634.141: 581.543:635.925, pages 198-206, downloads (15)
26 Kravchenko V. S. Changing the structure of the soil during the cultivation of legumes perennial grasses
UDK: 631.43:633.31/.37, pages 206-214, downloads (14)
27 Ryabovol L.O. Creation of sterility confirmors for sunflower confectionery directions for use of tribenuron-met sustainable
UDK: 633.854.78:631.527.8, pages 214-223, downloads (11)
28 Uvarenko K. Yu. Assimilation of nutrient elements by different sorts of spring barley depending on the soil compaction
UDK: 631.431.1:631.82:633.16, pages 223-230, downloads (9)
29 Rassadina I.Y. Correlation dependence between the nitrogen stocks of mineral compounds in the soil and the productivity of false flax spring
UDK: 311.16:631.416.1:631.559:633.85, pages 230-238, downloads (10)
30 Stoliar S.G. Еhe development of the piriculariose of sowing proso millet in Polissia of Ukraine
UDK: 632. 4 : 633. 16 (477. 42), pages 238-247, downloads (13)
31 Yakovenko R.V.
Kopytko P.G.
Petryshyna I.P.
Yield of a pear plantation depending on changes in soil fertility with the optimized fertilizer
UDK: 631.559:634.13:631.45:631.8-048.34, pages 247-256, downloads (14)
32 Trush S.G.
Parfeniuk O.
Creation of the new initial forms of multi-growth pollinators in selection of parental components of sugar beet CMS hybrids
UDK: 631.527:633.63, pages 256-263, downloads (13)
33 Rozhkov A. A.
Chernobay S.V.
Spring barley crop productivity under the influence of seeding rates and top-dressing
UDK: 631.559:633.11:631.5, pages 263-271, downloads (17)
34 Trus O.M. Changing the qualitative composition of humus of podzolized chernozem after a prolonged use of fertilizers in the field crop rotation
UDK: 631.417.2 + 631.445.4:631.8:631.582, pages 271-282, downloads (11)
35 Ushkarenko V.A.
Lavrenko S.O.
Maksimov M.V.
Energy efficiency of Haricot Beans cultivation (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) under Irrigation in the Southern Steppe of Ukraine
UDK: 631.51:631.81:631.543.2:631.67:635.652.2, pages 282-291, downloads (12)
36 Kharitonenko N. S.
Kirichenko V.V.,
Pozdnyakov V.V.
Antsyferova O.V.
New sunflower forms with a modified content of tocopherol isomers
UDK: 633.854.78:631.527:632.9, pages 291-298, downloads (11)
37 Shevchuk R.
Shevchuk Н.
Performance of the differences of energy issues in soil – climatic conditions of western forest steps
UDK: 620.952:631.81, pages 298-306, downloads (12)
38 Berov Ye. The influence of minimization of soil tillage on its agrophysical properties in the conditions of organic agriculture in Southen Steppe Of Ukraine
UDK: 633.35:631.51:631.147 (477.74), pages 306-314, downloads (12)
39 Kalenych P.Е. Influence of ecological factors on productivity and economic efficiency of cultivating winter wheat varieties (Triticum aestivum L.) in the conditions of the Southern Forest-steppe of Ukraine
UDK: 621.8; 633.11:632.9, pages 314-324, downloads (14)
40 Prokopchuk S.V.
Nevlad V.I.
The Influence of Fertilization and та Inoculation on the Carrying out of the Main Elements of Nutrition by the Harvest of Grain and Straw of Chick-Pea Plants
UDK: 631.847-043.2+631.811:631.559:635.657, pages 324-333, downloads (14)
41 Varlashchenko L. H. Introduction of new cultivars of edible blue-berried honeysuckle in the landscaping of the Right-Bank Forest-Steppe of Ukraine
UDK: 631.526.3:582.976:712.4 (477.46), pages 333-342, downloads (11)
42 Slyusarenko V.S. Commercial properties and chemical composition of Maria pear depending on soil fertilizers and foliar feeding
UDK: 634.13:581.192:631.8, pages 342-350, downloads (15)