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Corn yields for grain depending on the basic processing and fertilizing on drained organic soils of Forest Steppe

Author(s) Sliusar I.T., Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, , NSC "Institute of Agriculture NAAS"
Bogatyr L.V., , , NSC "Institute of Agriculture NAAS"
Category The Agronomy
year 2016 issue Випуск №88. Частина 1
pages 93-100 index UDK 631.615:633.853.34
Abstract One of the main objectives of the agricultural science in the humid area is to develop effective ways of using drained lands that could provide not only a high return per unit area but also to prevent degradation and improve the natural soil fertility. Agriculture on reclaimed lands has its own peculiarities; it requires monitoring of soils, land improvement and implementation of agro-technical measures applying reasonable doses of organic and mineral fertilizers. The aim of our research is based on identifying technological measures (tillage systems and fertilization) on corn efficiency after perennial grasses on drained organic soils. Scientific studies were conducted during 2013-2014 at Panfylivka Experimental Station NSC “Institute of Agriculture NAAS” (the Supiy river floodplain) which is located in the left-bank of the Forest-Steppe of Ukraine. Agrochemical characteristics of the soil of experimental plots as follows: the depth of the peat layer is 1.2-1.4 m; content of total nitrogen – 1.3-2.0%; phosphorus – 0.76-0.92%; potassium – 0.09-0.15%; calcium – 20-26%; ash content – 30-40%; pH of salt – 7.0-7.5. The experimental layout included such methods of primary tillage: plowing to a depth of 25-27 cm, disking – 10-12 cm and zero tillage [direct seeding into sod applying Roundup herbicide of the continuous action (5 l/ha)]. Against the background of three different methods of basic soil tillage fertilizers were applied under the scheme: no fertilizers (control), Humisol; Reacom; K90; P45K120; N45P45K120; N45P45K120 + Reacom. The most effective primary tillage of carbonate peatlands for corn for grain was plowing to a depth of 25-27cm which provided yield with full mineral fertilizing – 10.4 t/ha; disking – 9.92 t/ha compared with zero tillage – 8.56 t/ha. A complete fertilizing (N45P45K120) combined with Reaсom independently of the main tillage had the greatest influence on forming corn grain; applying only Humisol or Reaсom provided no significant increase in grain yield.
Key words irrigated soils, peatlands, primary tillage, fertilizers, corn, yield.
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