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Taking nitrate nitrogen in the feed depending on fertilizers and species composition of alfalfa-grass vegetation

Author(s) Prorochenko S.S., postgraduate, , National Agriculture University of Ukraine
Category The Agronomy
year 2017 issue Випуск №90. Частина 1
pages 228-235 index UDK 636.085:631.5:633.3
Abstract Value of mineral elements in plant mass and feed, playing important depends on the intensity of biological absorption of chemical elements from the soil, which is determined by environmental factors such as plants and specific features of herbage. Terms power, productivity and intensity of use supersedes the mineral composition of food. As the PI Romashov, bringing nutrients to the soil to increase in plant mass. Throughout the plant growth and development are processes of nitrogen metabolism. With the approach of the period of ripening seed amount of non-protein nitrogen decreases. Irrationally high doses of nitrogen fertilizers leads also to loss of resistance to lodging, overwintering and loss of vegetation. Grasses accumulate nitrates than legumes. The research results of a number of scientists show that the nitrate content in cereal grasses directly proportional to the doses of nitrogen fertilizers. He depends on the yield of grasses. N-NO3 content of more than 0.07% of the dry weight is considered harmful 0,07-0,2 – leads to poisoning, and more than 0.25% – can be fatal. It is therefore important to use such doses of nitrogen fertilizers, which would not only increased productivity, but also encouraged by the high quality of food. The aim of our research was to determine the influence species composition and fertilizer at different doses and making growth stimulator fumar on accumulation of nitrate nitrogen in alfalfa-grass herbage in terms of Right-Bank Forest-Steppe Ukraine. Established that accumulation of nitrates in herbage dry matter studied varied depending on the composition of alfalfa-grass mixtures of cereals, mineral fertilizer level and slope. The least amount of nitrates (0,014-0,030%) in average years of accumulated research in single-species crops of alfalfa-alfalfa compared to grass travosumishkamy. The sharp increase in the percentage of nitrate nitrogen in all the studied alfalfa-grass travosumishkah predetermined introduction of nitrogen fertilizers in a dose of N60 and growth promoters (fumar) against the background of phosphorus-potassium in a dose R60K90. This content varied in the range of 0.027 to 0.037%. This is due to increased level of mineral nutrients, especially nitrogen (some of the nitrogen fertilizer used to accumulate nitrates).
Key words nitrate nitrogen, alfalfa-grass travosumishky, species composition, fertilization.
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