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The formation height and pageautomobile the ability of clonal rootstocks of apple trees depending on irrigation regime.

Author(s) Prokopenko N.A., , , Uman National University of Horticulture, Ukraine
Category The Agronomy
year 2017 issue Випуск №90. Частина 1
pages 266-272 index UDK 631.541.1:634.11:631.674
Abstract Efficiency and expediency of drip irrigation in mother plantations in terms of the Right-Bank Forest Steppe of Ukraine was substantiated. Its use increases the productivity of mother plantation of vegetatively propagated wildings of apple tree and gives the possibility to make efficient use of land, water and labour recourses. It is necessary to create a highly productive basis of mother plantations of vegetatively propagated wildings of apple tree that is a production base of fruit planting material to enlarge the area of gardens of intensive type which provide high productivity per a unit of area and easy to care. It is possible to get a high quality standard planting material on irrigated land only under purposeful regulation of plant life factors. One of these factors is water regime of root containing layer of the soil. It is necessary to know amount and intensity of water coming and flowing to ensure it with moisture that helps to influence qualitatively on plant productivity. Different depths of soil drench under irrigation of mother plantation of vegetatively propagated wildings of apple tree and sawdust and soil as a substrate for earthing up in the terms of the Right-Bank Forest Steppe of Ukraine were suggested that is important while growing fruit plants in modern condition of economics, shortage of water and power resources, ecologic stresses. The studies were conducted during the 2008 2010's in irrigated drip liquor clonal rootstocks M9RN29 by Educational Research and Production Division Uman National University of Horticulture. The mother liquor was laid horizontal type with the scheme of planting 1,4h0,33 m. Hilling clonal rootstocks of apple used soil and sawdust. soil wetting depth becomes 40 and 20 cm. Irrigation has a positive effect on the height of clonal rootstocks of apple type M9. The best irrigation regime is to maintain optimum soil moisture in a layer 20 cm. The substrate for hilling not significantly affects the height of the apple rootstocks. The greatest number of shoots formed at the specified mode of irrigation and the use as a substrate for hilling sawdust.
Key words apple, clonal rootstocks, substrate, irrigation, wetting depth, the height of the stock, the number of stocks.
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