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Peculiarities of the implementation of integrated logistics based on the supply chain

Author(s) Skochylias S.M., Candidate of Economics Sciences, , Ternopil National Economic University
Category Economics
year 2016 issue Випуск №89. Частина 2
pages 138-146 index UDK 65.012.34
Abstract Maximum integration of the company’s logistical activities, from the place of origin to the place of consumption of material resources and finished products, more and more obviously turns into a key condition for achieving the ultimate business goal with minimal costs. In order to optimize the main logistical processes, companies are adopting techniques of integrated logistical management. The development of an integrated logistical management is considered in the context of shared resources of logistics and requires a deep comprehensive study, as well as efficient and effective use. The aim of the study is to develop the theoretical foundations of the formation of the mechanism on integration management of business entities taking into account characteristics of the supply chain and the strategy of integrated logistical management. In the study the following research methods were used: theoretical and empirical research, analysis and synthesis, abstract and logical, graphic and scientific generalization. Restructuring of the business on the basis of the logistical approach is the integration of an individual link of the supply chain in a single system through the management of material and information flows. The development of integration relations of consumers and producers through the establishment of industrial networks can reduce costs, costs of supply processing and administrative expenses due to joint purchasing and sales activities. On the basis of scientific and practical activities the essential characteristics of the integration process are determined. The conceptual foundations of the logistical integration based on the strategy of integrated logistical management. Recommendations to create the most efficient and optimal functional model of integration relations are developed, as well as tools for justifying the choice of integration forms are suggested. Given the peculiarities of the supply chain, the prospects of further research on the integration process are reasoning the necessity for calculating criteria of the logistical maturity for enterprises in different sectors to identify potential opportunities of their integration not only at the level of the national economy but also the world economy, as well as the development of ontological schemes of interacting participants of the logistical system which will improve the effectiveness of the system of situational management processes of the integration development.
Key words integration, supply chain, logistical system, synergistic effect, strategy.
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