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The economic essence and problems of identification of intangible assets in accounting

Author(s) Chuhriy N.A., , , Donetsk State Agricultural Experimental Station NAAS of Ukraine
Category Economics
year 2016 issue Випуск №89. Частина 2
pages 217-224 index UDK 657.421.3
Abstract In countries with developed economy, intangible assets are of great importance in the economic activities of enterprises. The accounting of intangible assets raises questions in their definition, identification, evaluation and classification. The purpose of this article is to summarize the essence and definition of intangible assets for accounting, identifying problem areas in their identification and evaluation. The methodological basis of the study is a systematic approach to the disclosure of the economic essence of intangible assets. Intangible assets are considered as a potential source of economic benefits. Information on intangible assets in the financial statements allows users to make management decisions. .The results of the study on determining the nature and content of economic notion of “intangible assets” suggests that the object of scientific knowledge is a complex and multifaceted structural element in the economic theory today. The results of the study confirmed that for the definition of an intangible asset, its reflection in the accounting and reporting, asset must meet simultaneously two criteria, namely: the future of its use is expected to receive the economic benefits of the asset and the valuation can be reliably determined. This study allowed us to refine the methodological approaches to the essence of intangible assets through the full definition of features and the characteristic features of this type of asset. It is established that an important characteristic of intangible assets is the ability to identify that means it is possible to separate from other assets but in practice this is not always possible. Thus, the definition of intangible assets will determine their characteristics and provide an objective identification procedure. It is the basic foundation of accounting.
Key words intangible asset, identification, recognition criteria, assessment, economic benefit.
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