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Land potential of developing agricultural enterprises of Cherkasy region

Author(s) Lemeshchenko N.M., postgraduate, , Uman National University of Horticulture, Ukraine
Burlyay A.L., Candidate of Economics, , Uman National University of Horticulture, Ukraine
Category Economics
year 2016 issue Випуск №88. Частина 2
pages 246-257 index UDK 338.433
Abstract Development of agricultural enterprises depends on their provision of the economic potential. For it is accumulated potential is the driving force that contributes to the creation of businesses, their transition to a higher level of quality and quantity and thus increasing competitiveness of enterprises. However, questions of observing relationship between these economic categories are not enough studied, that is, the relationship between the accumulation of potential of the company and its development, especially in the production of agricultural products. Theoretical and methodological basis of the research is dialectical theory of knowledge and systematic approach to the study of economic phenomena and processes, theoretical principles of national and foreign scientists on selected issues. Scientific research is carried out using the following methods: economic analysis, comparison, balance, monographic, statistical groupings, average values and others. An important factor in the development of agricultural enterprises is their providing with economic potential, specific element of which, given the peculiarities of agricultural production, is the land potential. Land potential is a combination of existing and those that may be mobilized, land resources of agricultural enterprises used or may be used in the production of economic goods. The components of land potential of agricultural enterprises are the size of lands and their distribution by organizational and legal forms, agrochemical land evaluation by presence of humus and other indicators and land concentration. The distribution of agricultural lands in Cherkasy region between users and owners compared to previous years is characterized by further increasing the share of land owned and used by the population from 9% in 1991 to 22% - in 2013, while reducing the share of lands of agricultural enterprises from 89% to 68%. By results of agrochemical evaluation of agricultural lands in Cherkasy region since 1985 medium-weighing humus content decreased by 3.7% in absolute terms that affects changes in the redistribution of areas by its supply. In particular, areas of soils of high and very high content in decrease and of high and medium one, on the contrary, increase. Analyzing the size of agricultural enterprises in Cherkasy region we can conclude that the greatest number is farms with an area of agricultural lands from 20 to 50 hectares. Of course this division does not provide the necessary level of development of these organizational structures, and this will require finding ways to increase the concentration of production.
Key words development of enterprises, economic potential, land potential, productivity efficiency.
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