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Problems of forming financial resources of agricultural producers in the context of current conditions

Author(s) Kravtsova L.L., postgraduate, , Uman National University of Horticulture, Ukraine
Category Economics
year 2016 issue Випуск №88. Частина 2
pages 238-246 index UDK 657.92:338.431
Abstract The problem of forming and using financial resources of agricultural enterprises always took important place in the economy of the country taking into an account complicated conditions which producers of agricultural products have because of internal and external factors; the problem is gaining special current importance. Agricultural enterprises of Ukraine are a part of the national agro-industrial complex and combine a number of agricultural enterprises for the production, sale, processing, storage and transportation of agricultural products. According to its composition and structure enterprises of the agricultural sector determine the socio-economic development of the country, standard of living of the population, food security and providing industrial enterprises with raw materials. The main challenge facing the agricultural sector is the growth of agricultural production volumes, reliable supply of the country’s food stuffs and uniting efforts of all sectors of the economy to achieve high economic indicators. Therefore, the purpose of this research is to study problems of forming and effective use of financial resources in the aspect of producers of agricultural products.
Key words financial resources, agricultural producers, production index, livestock production, financial condition.
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