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Peculiarities of functioning dairy product subcomplex in Cherkasy region

Author(s) Bondarets V.V., , ,
Category Economics
year 2016 issue Випуск №88. Частина 2
pages 265-272 index UDK 637.134 (477.46)
Abstract The state of production and milk processing in Cherkasy region, structure of sold milk by quality of varietal milk composition given to dairy plants are considered in the article, EU requirements for milk quality, quality indicators of preserved milk by processing enterprises of Cherkasy region are presented. It was determined that sustainable development and efficient functioning of the domestic market of milk and its processing products, adequate reflection of participant interests in the technological chain of dairy subcomplex enterprises and ensuring their competitiveness can be ensured by the integration of all areas of activity of a certain grocery subcomplex, creating associations (cooperatives, agro-industrial organizations, etc.) for the production of dairy products which will include enterprises of the agricultural sector and representatives of processing industry and the region. It was determined that milk quality plays an important role in improving efficiency of milk production in agricultural enterprises of Cherkasy region. The difference between purchase prices for milk Extra class and the first grade depends on the time of year and milk processing enterprises. Taking into consideration the technological state of livestock farms of most agricultural enterprises milk realization is possible only of the first grade. Analysis of the processing sphere has shown that currently the largest dairy processing enterprises in Cherkasy region is JSC “Irklievsky Creamery” and JSC “Zvenygorodka Cheese Factory”. Despite the declining trends in raw material production plants annually increase its billet due to purchases in other regions. Causes of low quality products in the raw dairy market consist are concentration of a substantial portion of the production in the private sector. In 2013, on the studied dairy processing enterprises farms have provided half the population of harvested milk. In addition to issues of quality and security creating developed certified network for milk gathering remains problematic. Although some milk processing enterprises create a network for gathering milk from the receiving points equipped with modern refrigeration and laboratory equipment and others. Almost all milk processing enterprises for raw materials coming from private households use additional pasteurization, to conform to the required safety standards. However, while this approach does not have a mass character and the problem with the quality of raw materials is for enterprises as a whole it remains unsolved. For the development of the dairy grocery subcomplex development and implementation of existing economic measures are needed that would allow dairy subcomplex enterprises to function effectively in the market for production and sale of high-quality dairy products. Effective functioning of the dairy subcomplex in Cherkasy region depends on the general state of the economy as a whole system development of which is provided by government measures and internal factors forming their competitiveness. Functioning dairy processing enterprises in market conditions objectively requires strategic focus and adaptation prospects to constant changes for both domestic and foreign competitive environment, getting advantages in the production of high-quality, affordable products.
Key words competitive ability, production volume, milk processing enterprises, quality of sold milk, milk product subcomplex.
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