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Тhe agricultural producer groups as a form of consolidation of the producers and agricultural production

Author(s) Kowalski S. , , , The State School of Higher Professional Education in Plock
Category Economics
year 2016 issue Випуск №88. Частина 2
pages 63-70 index UDK 330.1
Abstract The Common Agricultural Policy, despite the existing problems and restrictions, launched to accelerate the development of agriculture and its modernisation, as well as the development of rural areas and create the conditions to the continued improvement of rural income. this provided a comprehensive rural development and agriculture and encourages the development of the national economy. Also results in the creation of new jobs in the surroundings of agriculture and develop rural areas, Which was an important argument e.g. to ensure the acceptance of the entry of Poland to the euro. Polish agriculture has many problems, which hinder the pursuit of activities. Rising production costs, the fragmentation of holdings, outdated technology probably are not conducive to achieving satisfactory results profitability polish holdings. Nowadays it is important to adapt production to the needs and market requirements. A single producer has difficulties with the negotiation of prices as is often too small scales production. Competitiveness of rural areas, as an investment location, business, the development of services depends largely on the orientations of the instruments of rural development policy. One of the community priorities rural development is to improve the organisation of the food chain and the promotion of risk management in agriculture. This objective can be achieved m. Others through the creation of agricultural producer groups. The aim of article is an indication of the benefits arising from the creation of agricultural producer groups and to try to assess the conditions associated with the possibility of funding of actions conducive to set them up in the conditions of the functioning of the common agricultural market the EU.
Key words common agricultural policy, rural development, agricultural producer groups, financing activities.
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