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The genesis of system of sales agricultural cooperation as the newest conception to increase competitiveness of small agricultural companies

Author(s) Fomenko L.G., , ,
Category Economics
year 2014 issue Випуск №84. Частина 2
pages 264-271 index UDK 658.8:63
Abstract Today Ukraine is committed to accelerate integration into the global economic community. Therefore, further effective functioning of small agricultural enterprises is impossible without using the effective methods of their development support in terms of globalization and European integration. At present, a quality product production is not a decisive condition for the effective economic activity of small agricultural enterprises. More and more attention has to be paid to the manufactured products sales. Particularly the importance of this question is accentuated under conditions of competition strengthening from both domestic and foreign manufacturers. Therefore, the creation and development of the system of agricultural cooperation sales is one of the most effective methods, which could increase the effectiveness of small agricultural enterprises’ sales activity. It could ensure their competitiveness in foreign and domestic market. This issue is relevant today, and its study requires special attention. The purpose of the article is the genesis of the system of sales agricultural cooperation as a new tool to improve the competitiveness of small agricultural enterprises. Research Methods. The research was conducted using the method of a systematic approach to study the problems of marketing agricultural cooperatives’ development in today’s market economy conditions. Also, the methods of analysis and synthesis have been used. The theoretical fundamentals of the formation and development of the agricultural cooperation marketing system have been studied; its benefits towards improving the competitiveness of agricultural production have been grounded. The causes that hinder its development have been revealed and the ways of these problems solving have been considered. Thus, the international experience shows that the marketing agricultural cooperation is widely spread abroad and is an effective tool for improving the competitiveness of small agricultural enterprises. The necessity to support their development and activity at the national level through the adoption of relevant laws and regulations, programs and ideological propaganda ensuring is considered. In addition, the development of sales agricultural cooperation system depends on effective implementation of noted in the article work on methodical level on sales agricultural cooperatives optimization.
Key words sales agricultural cooperative, small agricultural companies, intermediators, sales channels, competitiveness, marketing
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