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Methodological approaches of investment projects evaluation of agricultural enterprises

Author(s) Kipioro I.M., , , Uman National University of Horticulture
Category Economics
year 2014 issue Випуск №84. Частина 2
pages 230-236 index UDK 631.164.23
Abstract The basic principles and approaches to the evaluation of investment projects in Ukraine and in the world practice are studied. It is set that such failings are characteristic of the process of estimation of efficiency of investment projects: existent methodical recommendations are oriented mainly on the theory of absolute efficiency of investments, although such approach is found by expression in determination of effect as to the difference between profits and charges from realization of the most effective variant, exposing comparison of different variants of projects. It is necessary to take into account the improvement of the estimation of innovative projects in agroindustrial production with the use of complex of methods: design of streams of products, resources and facilities; study of the financial state of enterprise which will realize a project; calculation of influence of inflation and risks; determination of influence of realization of project on natural environment; providing of balance of future charges and profits. The offered methods are adapted to the terms of market economy, and that is why will enable to choose for realization more effective innovative project in relation to expansion, update, reconstruction, modernization, technical retooling of agroindustrial enterprises.
Key words innovation, investment, project, agricultural production, methodological approaches, the economic effect
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