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Meat production in Ukraine: the state and tendencies

Author(s) Musica B. B., , , Uman National University of Horticulture
Category Economics
year 2014 issue Випуск №86. Частина 2
pages 90-97 index UDK 338.439.4:637.5(477)
Abstract Meat production is a traditional branch of agriculture. Growing different types of beef cattle spread in almost all regions of the country – beef cattle in Polesie and northern Forest-steppe zone, pigs, poultry and sheep in forest-steppe and Steppe zones, etc. However, the economic crisis caused by transformational changes in the 90s of the twentieth century was particularly acute in the area of agricultural production. In the conduct of inter-industry comparisons can figure out what animal suffered much greater losses than crop. Similarly, different trends in the volume of main livestock products within the industry itself. Conclusions: 1) the main industries of cattle breeding in Ukraine is poultry, swine and beef cattle. They account for 96 – 98% of the gross production of the product; 2) meat output in agriculture Ukraine has not yet reached pre-crisis level of production in 1990, but continue to grow; 3) increase meat production is due to the construction and pig in beef cattle crisis continues; 4) an increase in meat production is due to poultry and pig breeding, in beef cattle crisis continues; consider the existing structure of meat production cannot be satisfactory. Primarily because of the environmental component of the problem – cattle are a source of organic fertilizer, pig waste – a source of environmental hazards; 5) restore beef cattle should be subject to special state program aimed at the development of the industry in areas that have favorable climatic conditions – regions that are located in Polesie and forest-steppe zone of stable moisture conditions; 6) the size of the industrial pig farms, their spatial location and the environmental impact would be subject to state ecological expertise.
Key words livestock industry, meat production, beef cattle, pigs, poultry, production cycle, cost of feed, intensive technology and ecology
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