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Tendencies of the conjuncture of internal oilseeds market under influence of external factors

Author(s) Poberezhets N.B. , Postgraduate, , Uman National University of Horticulture, Ukraine
Category Economics
year 2013 issue Випуск №82. Частина 2
pages 225-233 index UDK 339.13:665.344.2
Abstract The structure of agricultural domestic export, where raw commodities prevails, testifies the necessity of foreign trade diversification in the direction of increasing sale volumes of deep processing commodities, in our case it is oilseed crops. It is necessary to maintain research of interdependence of the states of internal and external oilseeds markets. But it is important to take into account the essence of socio-economic processes which take place in an agrarian sector nowadays. In the process of research the following methods were used: economical statistical, comparison of system analysis and synthesis, abstract and logical. The purpose of our research is to investigate the external influence on the market state tendency of domestic oilseeds market. The objects of research are world and internal markets of oil crops, in particular: sunflower seed, rape seed and soybeans. The changes of the market state in world and internal markets of oilseeds were analyzed during 2001 – 2010. As a result of research some conclusions were done: the process of pricing does not have spontaneous character at the market of oilseeds. It has some sequences. In the conditions of globalization dependence of the internal market state of oilseeds on external factors grows considerably. The external factors have a considerable influence on demand, supply and cost of commodities of internal market. The price has a great influence, because oilseeds market is characterized by “attachment” to the price tendencies of external market.
Key words conjuncture of internal oilseeds market, world market, indexes of market conjuncture, dynamics of external and world prices on sunflower seeds, soybeans and rapeseeds.
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